Tips For Having A Ceremony & Reception In Different Locations

 Having different locations for your ceremony and reception may not always seem the most convenient but that doesn't mean it has to be a hassle. There are special reasons couples choose two different locations. Perhaps they want to get married at their childhood church and move the party else where. Which ever maybe the reason we are here to make that same flow from one venue to another as if it were in the same location. Take a look at these tips to make everything run smoothly and have the best day ever. 

1. A Planned Out Timeline

You may already have a timeline to make sure everything goes according to plan. If you don't then you definitely need to plan out one. When you are making that timeline it is so important to factor in the time it will take to change from one location to the next. Think about things like time to find parking, if there might be traffic, and of course the distance. Extending the cocktail hour might be a great idea so that guest have enough lee way to arrive a little late. 

2. Instructions & Directions

Once your guests are settled in the ceremony they may forget that there is a change in venue for the reception. To avoid this confusion be sure to print. out directions and instructions for the second portion of the wedding. If you are planning on providing transportation be sure to highlight that as well. You might want to think about giving your drivers these directions as well. 

3. Transportation 

If locations are far from each other there might be driving involved. Think about how your guests will get to the different venue. If you budget allows it you can have busses or a transportation service to take your guests. It allows guests to not have to worry about getting lost and they get to spend more time together. You can also provide snacks and drinks for them to enjoy the ride. 

Let us know if you will be having two different locations. 

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