What To Know Before You Send Your Save The Dates

 Save the dates are the start to the journey of the wedding day. It is the first piece that your guests receive to let them get excited and start planning for the big day. From booking hotels to requesting their vacation days. But before you send out the save the sates let's go over some things you should know. 

First things first is deciding if you are going to send one out. We say it is important especially if you are thinking of having a destination wedding or one during popular holiday times. Save the dates allow your guests to schedule their time to attend. It ensure that your favorite people will be able to make it in the end. 

So now that you have decided to send them out when is the best time? Save the dates are sent out before the actual invitation. You should mail them out 6 months before the wedding date if you are planning a destination wedding. If you are doing something local and more intimate then 6 to 8 weeks ahead is plenty of time. 

So what exactly should be on your save the dates? Stick to the basics first and foremost. Things like your names, the date, the venue, and the exact location. Once that has been added it is also great to mention that there will be a follow up invitation to come. If you are planning on having a wedding website then be sure to mention that also. 

Last but not least have fun with them! After we have put in all of the important information it's time to get to the exciting stuff. It's the time to think about how you want the overall save the date looks. Things like color schemes and fonts. You can choose to have your save the dates match your invitations or let them shine on their own. It's all up to you. 

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