Must Do’s The Week Of Your Wedding

Emotions are running high and the big day is inching closer and closer. The week of your wedding is when things start to come together. It is the time to really finalize every detail. It may seem a little overwhelming but fret not because we are here to help you get everything ready. 

1. Take The Final Look For A Spin

This week is the time you would be picking up your wedding dress and its accessories. It is the best time to put your wedding look together to see how everything feels. If you need to make any changes. Be sure to practice your walk down the aisle.

2. Break In Time

Along with testing out your bridal look you should be breaking in your wedding shoes. A week gives you enough time to get comfortable in your new shoes. You can practice walking in different surfaces just make sure you don’t get them dirty. 

3. Confirm Last Minute RSVPS

Although you probably have a date set for RSVP cut offs sometimes guests forget to do so. This week is the time to check any left unanswered. It’s better to double check just to make sure everyone has a seat. 

4. Finish Work To Do List

The last thing that is probably on your mind is work. But of course it must get done. This week is the time to finish any big tasks and assignments. This is great so that you can concentrate on your wedding day later that week thens stressing over work. 

5. Confirm Who Will Give A Toast

If your loved ones are planning on saying a few words it is a great time to confirm who will be doing so. It is also the time to let them know the schedule of when they can do so. 

6. Put Together A list of Must Have Songs

If you are planning on having a DJ they usually have their own mix for the events but it doesn’t hurt to have some requests. You can make a list and give it to them before hand so they can work on incorporating them through out the night. 

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