Is A Brunch Wedding Right For You?

Friday and Saturday nights are usually the go to when it comes to weddings but have you ever thought about a brunch wedding? It’s the perfect way to still have a weekend wedding without having to worry about venues being booked up. 

If you are a lover of all things brunch then this is the perfect wedding time for you. From the fresh mimosas and the sunny days. Let’s take a look at what makes a brunch wedding so special. 

They Give You More Time To Celebrate!

Your wedding day will consist of you waking up and getting married! You get to spend the rest of the celebrating with you partner and all of your loved one’s. There is no need to fill the day with other things. One thing to note is to ask your venue if your vendors can start setting up the night before. 

Make It A Weekend Get Away 

Brunch weddings give that laid back vibe to any wedding. That makes it the perfect escape for you and your guests. Choose some where with a cozy and unexpected venue. You can also book some relaxing activities for your guests like a spa day or relaxing by the pool. 

Having Fun Cocktails

When we think of brunch we automatically think of the famous mimosa. From bubbly to margaritas by the pool it’s all perfect for brunch. Take the day party opportunity to have fun with your drinks. Perhaps a Bloody Mary bar. 

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