Avoid These Mistakes On Your Wedding Day

 The day you have been dreaming of is finally here! Excitement is flowing but you might also be a bit stressed out. The day of your wedding can seem to go by so fast so you'll want to soak in every detail. Since everything seems to be moving so fast you might loose track of somethings that may hurt you in the long run. Today we will guide you on how to avoid some mistakes on your wedding day to ensure you have the time of your life. 

Not Eating Before The Reception 

There is a big time gap from having breakfast to eating at the reception. To keep your energy going and avoid feeling hangry or dizzy be sure to have something to eat in between the ceremony and reception. It is always a good idea to pack snacks like protein bars and fruit help to keep you full and give you the energy for the evening ahead. Also don't forget to get plenty of water in. You might be thinking it could be a hassle of using the restroom with your wedding gown but it is better to be hydrated. 

Don't Over Drink

It's your big day and of course your going to want to celebrate it to the fullest. On the other hand your going to want to avoid going over board. Knowing your limits to alcohol is key on this big day. From popping champagne at your bridal suite to toasting at your reception there are going to be many times to enjoy a drink just remember to take it easy. After all you are going to want to remember what happened on this amazing day. 

Don't Use Any New Skin Care or Makeup

If you know you have sensitive skin this is very important. Do not use skincare or make up you are not used to. Using new products on your wedding day is like dealing a hand of cards. You never know what you are going to get. New products are an easy way to make your skin irritated or cause an allergic reaction. Stick to products you have used in the past and know your skin can handle. 

Don't Wear A New Pair Of Shoes

Taking shoes out from the box to wear on your wedding day is a big no. Your feet will not be happy and cause unnecessary pain through out the day. Always be sure to break in your wedding shoes. It is all about comfort so that you may enjoy your wedding day. 

Didn't Flash Test Make Up 

One thing to keep in mind with wedding makeup is the flash test. What this means is if there is a white cast that is present when you use flash photography. Of course there will be pictures taken during the night you will want to make sure your makeup artist has this mind. Some setting powders or makeup that has SPF protection can produce a white cast with flash photography. 

Didn't Have a Toast Prepared

During your wedding it is always great for you and your partner to have a speech ready to thank all of your guests and vendors there. Having something prepared before hand take the pressure of having to think of something on the spot. This will reduce any anxious feeling the day of especially if giving speeches isn't your thing. 

We hope these tips will help you have an amazing wedding day! Remember that everything doesn't have to be perfect and to take time to actually enjoy the wedding. Don't sweat the small stuff and you should be just fine. Follow us on our links below for more bridal and wedding inspiration!

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