What To Include In Your Wedding Website


If your thinking about whether you should have a wedding website or not let us start by saying you do! Wedding websites are a simple and organized way to have you information laid out to your guests. There are many places you can make one for free and it's a fun way for you to make into your own. 

Wedding websites are great to get into the details of things that might not all fit with the invitations. Or if you want to go a more modern route you may just skip the physical wedding invitations all together. There are some things you will need to include in your website to keep your guests informed. Let's go over some crucial points. 

Wedding Registry 

This one is important because it is typically not included in a physical wedding invitation. It is more formal to leave it out of an invitation to avoid being perceived as pushing gifts onto your guests. It is however important to have on your website. Be sure to give links to where you are registered. This is an easy way for guests to find the perfect gift. 

Dress Code Information

It is perfectly fine to briefly mention the appropriate dress code on your invitation but on your website you can elaborate a bit more. Give your guests an idea of what you are looking for or what you mean by cocktail attire. You may also give suggests like certain shoes to wear for outside venues or more modest dressing due to religious purposes. 

No Kids Allowed

If your wedding is going to be a kid free zone this would be best way to mention it. Let them know why and that you really wish they could attend but understand if they cannot because of this. There is no need to feel bad about not allowing kids, many couples do it and it's your day to celebrate.

Info For Out of Town Guests

Your wedding website is perfect for including information about hotels and transportations for the guests that are coming from out of town. If you have arranged transportation from hotel to venue it is great to put that in for them. If you want to go the extra mile put some food recommendations and any fun activities for them to enjoy their stay. 

Love Story 

It's your day of celebration so let your guests more about you and your partners loved story. This is the perfect place to show off your engagement photos and how your love grew over time. 

We hope these tips will have help you organize your wedding website to it's full potential. Remember to also have fun with it. Get creative with photos and detailed information. For more wedding inspiration be sure to follow us in our social platforms.

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