Should You Have An Evening Wedding?

 A typical wedding starts around 5 p.m and carry on into the night and there are many reason for that. Some couples think starting late makes it too late for the rest of the festivities. Others think the price will be higher for an evening ceremony and there is some truth to that. Although evening ceremonies aren't as common there are some great positives to having one. Let's go over what makes an evening ceremony so special. 

Ps. An Evening Ceremony takes place after sunset, around 6:30 or 7 is when the ceremony would start. 

Romance Unlike Others

An evening wedding is so much more romantic than a day time wedding. Think about saying I Do under the light of a thousand stars. Doesn't that just scream romance. You don't get that when you have a day time ceremony. Also dancing under the moonlight is unlike anything else. Twinkling lights and candles also add to the overall romantic feel that can only be achieved at night. 

Awesome Weather

Summer is the most popular time for weddings and that means heat and sunshine. You can still have your summer wedding without the concern of sweating off your makeup and sunburnt guests with an evening wedding. You can also save on things that you might have invested to cool down like fans or mists. 

Formal Theme

Evening weddings are typically more formal. If you are looking to have a classy and sophisticated wedding then an evening time is the one for you. Black tie formal wear is normal for evening weddings which is something to think about when choosing what time you will host your wedding. 

Easier To Have A Kid Free Wedding 

Perhaps you were already thinking of having a children free wedding now it can be easier with an evening wedding. Since the wedding will go on later into the night it might not seem suitable for children. Parents will be more understanding of this then a typical wedding. Also since it will be a more formal wedding not having children makes sense. 

Reduce Day Time Stress

Having a later wedding time means getting in extra hours of sleep. You can relax a bit more during the morning and day time since you have more time to get ready and make sure everything is running smoothly. Although the day of the wedding can always get a little overwhelming an evening wedding allows you a bit more time for the finishing touches. 

Great Wedding Photos

Shooting in the dark can get tricky but if you have a photographer with experience in shooting with low light then the photos will be amazing. Your wedding photos are going to be unique and you can even have a beautiful sunset glow in them. Something that of course is not possible for day time weddings. 

Evening weddings are great but they aren't made for everyone. Talk to your partner and see what best suits your style. Let us know what kinda of wedding your planning! Evening or Day time? 

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