Tips On How To Preserve Your Wedding Gown

 Your wedding dress is so much more than just a dress. It is a beautiful reminder in itself of the wonderful wedding day. Of course you're going to want to keep the beauty of the dress for years to come and we are to give some tips of how to preserve your dress to keep it in the best condition for years to come. 

Know the Difference

In order to keep your dressing looking top tear you have to know there is a difference between doing preservation professionally and dry cleaning. Dress preservation is done by a professional who specializes in delicate material your dress might have from beading to glitter tulle. 

There are some dry cleaners that have specialized in treating wedding dresses but you have to do your research in finding one that does specialize in it. Some things you should ask is what kind of solvent they use for cleaning the clothing for wedding dresses it should be virgin and not recycled solvent other wise it can leave a strange odor on the gown. 

Follow Label Instructions 

It is very important to look at the tag inside your wedding dress which addresses the care for the gown. Pay attention to any specific cleaning directions it may have. Be sure to mention these care items to your dry cleaner or preservation specialist. 

Don't Wait Too Long

When it comes to preserving your wedding dress the sooner the better. In order to clean the dress and effectively remove the stains it is best to not let them fulling sink in. The longer the stain has been present the longer its going to stain and there for be harder to get out. So be sure to get it cleaned as soon as possible. 

Invisible Stains

So you maybe looking at your gown and think well it looks pretty clean to me. But that might not be the case. There are such things as invisible stains that you may not see not but give it time and it's true form shall be revealed. Take white wine stains for example. It may not be noticeable at first glance but the sugar in the wine will caramelize over time and the spot can become a brown color. Heat can also accelerate this process. 

Storing the Clean Dress

Once your gown has been properly cleaned it will typically be placed in an air tight box if it has been preserved. This will keep the gown from oxidizing which can change the color of the gown and cause the material to age. Be sure to to keep this box where the light wont hit it. This too can cause yellowing of white fabric. 

If you are not getting it preserved and only cleaned may sure to not hang the gown. This can cause the material to stretch and distort the form the gown. It is also important to not leave it inside a plastic garment bag. The bag can hold moisture and ruin the color of the dress. Acid free plastic is the way to go which is what is used in preservation boxes use. 

We hope these tips will help keep your gown in mint condition for years to come. It is the perfect way to have your wedding dress just like the day you first got it. Be sure to follow our social platforms to keep up with our latest styles and more info. 

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