Easy & Creative Guest Book Ideas

 Guest books are perfect for having a little reminder of all the wonderful people that were there to help celebrate your wonderful love. Guest sign their name and even give a little message if wanted. The typical guest book was just that a book where guests would sign but in modern day there are many ways to shake that up. Today we bring you creative and easy guest book ideas for your wedding. 

Music Lovers 

Power of music is so moving why not incorporate it as your guest book! If you and your partner are music lover we think this would be the perfect fit for you. Have a record player and a record so guests can sign in there. Records don’t have to break the bank they can easily be thrifted. To make it even more special pick a song/artist you both love. 

Two Pieces of The Same Puzzle

The wedding wouldn’t be complete without the support of those near and dear to you and your partner. Have your guests sign a piece of a puzzle for your wedding book and at the end you’ll have a one of a kind puzzle. This can later be framed as décor for your home. 

Let The Adventure Begin 

If you are a couple who loves to travel this one’s for you! Have your guests sign in to a globe. It is a great little reminder to get out there and explore the world together.

Snap A Photo

Ditch the sign in sheet and go for something a bit more captivating with a polaroid. Have your guests take a photo of themselves with the polaroid and now you’ll have beautifully captured memories. They can of course leave a little note on the picture itself. 

Surfs up

This one is for the couple who loves to ride those waves! Having surf boards as a way for guest to sign in is such a unique idea. This is perfect for those with a chill beachy theme to their wedding. 

Vintage Type Writer 

Have a vintage type writer for your guests to sign in and leave a nice little message. This is perfect if you are thinking of having a vintage touch to your wedding. 

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