Must Have Items For Your Backyard Wedding

 Backyard weddings are a fun and intimate celebration that we adore. What better way to say I Do then the comfort for your own home. Although it may not always have to be your home, there are many things to include to give it that special home feel. We've put together some things that would add that special touch to your backyard celebration. 

Outdoor Furniture 

We have seen this trend on the rise and love the look of typical indoor furniture outdoors. It is great to have comfortable seating for your guests to grab a cocktail and chat it up. These spaces are cozy and inviting. This type of seating also gives a nice vintage touch to your wedding. 


Indoor Rugs

Just like the indoor furniture outside, indoor rugs go for an outdoor adventure. Rugs are a great thing to have in your backyard wedding. They can be used to decorate the furniture making the space feel more warm and inviting. They also make a great item to walk down the aisle in. Since you will be walking on grass sometime heels can get stuck. This is easily solved with a rug. 

String Lights

Lighting sets the overall mood of the wedding. String lights are sure to look magical in the night. They are easy and cheap to set up depending on how many you are planning on using. Take the lights to another level. Decorating trees with lights also look amazing. 

Keeping Warm 

Having a wedding outdoors can get chilly when the night time comes around. Make sure your guests are kept warm with heaters and even blankets. Theres just something special about snuggling up with a soft blanket. Using these two items will ensure your guests are comfortable. 

Outdoor Games

Having yard games set up is great for the adults and children. They can interact with other guests and have some friendly competition. Don't worry you can also join in the fun. Popular games include corn hole and Jenga. You can also customize these items with your initials, wedding date, and more. 

Food Truck

Keep the food experience fun and simple with a food truck. This trend is becoming more popular as couples put a twist to the typical wedding. There are so many amazing food trucks and types to choose from. Choose one that you know you and your guests will enjoy. 

We hope these ideas inspired to make your backyard wedding unforgettable. Let us know which was your favorite. Don't forget to follow us at our other social platforms for more inspiration.



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