Bridal Trends: Tattoo Lace Wedding Gowns

 Tattoo lace is a modern look on wedding dresses. It has been around for a few years and is such a unique look to any wedding dress. You might be thinking just what is tattoo lace? A tattoo lace look is a illusion lace approach in which the lace looks as if it is sitting on your skin like a tattoo. That is where the name comes from. The lace sits on tope of the illusion fabric and looks like the lace is simply stuck to your own skin. 

This type of look is common on the back of wedding dresses and is possible to have on any wedding dress. The silhouette does not matter since it is typically seen on the bodice of gowns. It looks amazing when it acts as the straps of the gown. 

Take a look at some of our gowns that offer this rockin' trend!

Happy is the name and beautiful lace is the game! Our A-line gown features this awesome trend on the sleeves. It looks as if the lace lays beautifully on the arms. It is great way to cover the arms while not weighing the look down. 

Melanie has a gorgeous tattoo lace back. We can see how the it flows down the spine and cascades down to the skirt of the gown. The straps also have this same lace detail. They simply lay on the back of the shoulder which gives a great illusion effect. 

Our Maya gown has a more simple detail of this trend. The shoulder lace details flow down to the back to match the lace found all along the bodice. Some of the lace on the skirt also comes up the back to rest right above the lining of the skirt. 

The detail on this back tattoo lace design is immaculate. The best hairstyle to wear with these types are gowns are updos. They will allow the focus of turn to the lace design. 

These dress styles are great for summer weddings because they are easy to let air flow through. It is light weigh and will help you keep sweat under control. 

If you fell in love with any of these gowns be sure to visit our website for more information and designs. 


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