Bridal Trends: The Cape

 One major trend that we have seen grace the bridal runway this year is the cape. When you think of your bridal outfit most of the time the word cape doesn't come to mind but once you see how magical they are you're sure to change your mind. A wedding cake adds that unexpected pop to your bridal look. It is perfect for the brides who want a fashion forward look. It is also a great alternative to the classic veil. So if you have been looking for a unique replacement then keep on reading. 

Bridal capes come in all different styles. We often see floor length ones that make it a great resemblance to a veil. It is typically worn draped over the wedding dress. For brides looking to make a statement look for embellishments and dramatic lengths. If you want a more minimal vibe then sheer silk and tulle will be a good look. 

This cape is elegant and has a classic feel. It matches perfectly with our blondie wedding gown. It has the length and beading for a dramatic look without being over the top. 

This simple tulle cape is for the minimal brides that still want to add a pop to their look. It looks incredible paired with a simple gown with added celestial vibes on the cape. 

Embrace all of the high fashion looks with this stunning cape. You can find amazing shoulder pads and fringe. If you want something that stands out from the rest we say definitely go for something like this. 

Boho chic with this short lace cape.  We absolutely love this look paired with the colorful flower gown. 

A touch of something blue for your wedding with this magical cape. You'll also love the hood detail perfect for that veil look. 

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