Winter Wedding Ideas To Try For Your Big Day

Winter is fast approaching and we are excited to see all of the wonderful things that come with the season. A winter wedding gives a romantic and magical look to everything, especially weddings. We have put together some inspiration for you to try for your winter wonderland of a wedding. 

Lovely In Velvet

Velvet is a favorite when it comes to the fall and especially in the winter months. It looks amazing in any color from deep marroon to hunter green. This fabric is great to use for bridesmaid dresses or even your grooms suit. It is a great play on textures for that luxe look to your winter wedding. 

Candle Lit

Add romance and that cozy feeling to a cold winter day with the right lighting. The sun goes down a lot earlier which means its time to break out that warm candle light. This is what makes winter weddings so romantic. 

Winter Bouquet 

The winter time is all about the pine tree. We all know and love the Christmas tree so why not use this element in our bridal bouquet. Add a little edge with pine needles and maybe even pinecones. It is a unique twist and brings the winter magic to it of course. 

The Winter Cape 

Cape accessories are very in this year and it’s easy to see why. They are not only a bold way to step up your bridal look but it can also help to keep you warm. 

Mixing Metals

We often hear that mixing metals is a no when it comes to jewelry but we think it is a great way to stand out. When done correctly mixing metals can look wonderful especially in a bright winter day.  Using gold and rose gold for a cozy warm aesthetic on things like vases or the calligraphy. 

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