Winter Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

 Wedding favors are a great way to remind your loved one's of such a magical day. It is also a great time to get creative and have fun. Wedding favors can have to do with seasons or the theme of your wedding. Since winter weddings are coming up we have put together some fun and unique wedding favors. These are going to be great in the winter weather.

Warm Mittens/Gloves

Help keep your guests toasty with gloves and mittens. They are great to hand out during your wedding or give out at the end for guests to use in days to come. There are many colors and patterns to choose from so think about how they would coordinate with your color scheme.

Candle Lit

Make those rainy winter days feel cozy and smell amazing with a candle. This gift is sure to always come in handy because who doesn't love a good candle. Be sure to have it marked with your wedding date so your guests can always remember this magical day. 


This one is a must in the cold months. Wether it's for taking your morning coffee to work or just having a hot tea. These are great wedding favors that your guests are going to get good use out of. 

Luggage Tags

If your planning on having a destination winter wedding help your guests spruce up their luggage with custom tags. It will also come in handy when they do any other winter travels. 

Ornament Favors

Make that Christmas tree more special with a custom tree ornament. Be sure to make it custom to your guests so that it can also be personal to them. 


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