How To Make Your Wedding Cocktail Hour Amazing

 It's time to bring the party to your wedding day with a great cocktail hour. It is the perfect way to transition from ceremony to reception. It also allows you and your guests to capture all the photos of the married bliss. Your wedding guests can also have time to mingle and get to know each other better. 

In order to make your cocktail hour amazing we have put together some ideas. Let's get started!

Take The Party Outside

If you are planning on having your ceremony and reception indoor why not take your cocktail hour to the outdoors. It gives your guests a breath of fresh air. This is also great to enjoy the beautiful scenery on a summer or spring wedding. 

Don't Forget About Seating

Seating is always important in any part of the wedding. The cocktail hour differs from the reception and ceremony. Cocktail hour is much more relaxed which means you don't have to have to have formal seating for everyone. Instead have lounge vignettes for guests to relax and enjoy their drinks. 

Add Activities

Give your guests something fun to do during this down time. Things like lawn games, a photo booth, or live entertainment. This is something they are going to remember for years to come. 

Display Your Seating Chart

Let your guests get a feel for where they are going to sit for the reception by displaying your seating chart at your cocktail hour. You can even incorporate it by making them drinks they can take with them. 

Spice Up Your Bar Set Up

Cocktail hour is time to have fun and get creative so use that to spunk up your bar area. You can use beautiful flowers and even a trendy personal neon sign. It makes the space more entertaining and creates a fun atmosphere. 

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