How To Have An Adventurous Wedding

 You often hear the phrase 'Let the adventure start' when it comes to weddings. Now you can by having an adventurous wedding. What exactly is an adventurous wedding? It is a spin on the traditional wedding. It can be a combination of an elopement and traditional wedding. We say both because some couples choose to do an elopement and not the traditional route. This type of wedding, couples go big with their wedding by doing just what it suggests, an adventure. Some go sailing to an island or skydiving into a park where they will tie the knot. 

This type of wedding became popular because of the pandemic. Couples wanted to make their big day that much more special. 

An adventure wedding is perfect for the couples that are looking into having a small wedding but going big at the same time. Your guest list will usually be small. Your guests don't have to do the adventure with you but they can be there to witness the big I Do. Some couples want to hike up a mountain and their guests can be waiting for them at the mountain top. You can also choose to keep the ceremony private and invite your guests to the reception. 

Most couples like to do their adventure in their formal wear. Yes that means going in your wedding dress. If you know you want to have this type of wedding it is important to plan your look accordingly. That means maybe getting a shorter dress. Packing an extra pair of shoes. As well as keeping your makeup for some easy touch ups. 

This one is very important because you want to actually be able to get married. Be sure to check if there is any special permissions required to be able to have a wedding at your location. 

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