Is A Wedding Party Right for you?

If you have been question whether or not to have a wedding party, know that you are not alone. Traditionally we have seen wedding parties large and small but these recent years couples are becoming more personal when it comes to their wedding. That includes their wedding parties. We love seeing couples put a twist to what is typically seen. It gives them more control over what their special day means to them. 

So should you have a wedding party? There are some pros and cons that we will talk about to help guide you to what fits best. 

Pro - More Money For Your Budget

One of the big pros of not having a wedding party is extra money that can be saved. Although the wedding party typically pay for their own wedding attire. Other things like gifts and bouquets are paid for by the couple. Without a wedding party that money can be relocated for something you were hoping for.

Con - Less Moral Support

Although your budget might be able to get bigger there are some cons that come with no wedding party. It means that some of your close friends and family won’t be able to provide the same amount of moral support. A wedding party has defined roles in weddings so that can mean you will miss out out some emotional and hands on support. 

Pro - No Worry Of Feelings Getting Hurt

It can be hard choosing who will be in the wedding party and who won’t. Of course you want to have all of your close ones there but that isn’t realistic. This can also cause your friends to feel left out. By not having a bridal party you can avoid that happening. 

Con - No Getting Ready Crew

By not having a wedding crew that means you won’t be able to have your crew with you then getting ready. There is something so fun about getting ready for the big day with those close to you. There is music and drinks over some fun talk. Not to mention all of the wonderful photos to look back on. 

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