What We Can Expect to See For Wedding Ceremonies In 2022

 Wedding ceremonies hold so many important parts to the overall wedding. From making your grand entrance to saying I Do. These moments are so special that will forever be remembered. During wedding ceremonies we also see certain trends come and go. So what can we expect to see in this new year? We are here to give you some trends that will be making waves. Want to learn more? Keep on reading. 

Garden Venues

Where are these ceremonies taking place? Outdoors of course. Outside venues have become very popular and we can expect to see it carry on this year. To be specific we can see more garden venues being used. This takes the backyard wedding to another level. So embrace the cottage core vibes and get ready to book your garden. 

Live Wedding Portraits

Capturing memories in a different way than you would expect with live wedding portraits. We love this idea because it is such a special way that is going to stand out from the typical photos. It also gives a different perspective from the artist that can be displayed through out your home. 

Alternative Florals

Take your florals and give them a make over with things like dry flowers or even paper made flowers. This is eco friendly and will give a unique touch to your wedding. It can also be a great way to save money. 

Sensory Experience

Your wedding ceremony isn't just about visual experience but can be something for all your senses. We typically have the beautiful visuals and music that comes with it but have we thought about smell? Smell is one of the important senses that can bring memories back. You might want to use things like candles to make your ceremony have a signature sent. 

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