Popular Wedding Colors For 2022

Bring your wedding day to life with shiny new colors. This passed year we saw neutrals dominate the stage but this year is all about bringing that pop. Couples are going to be bold with their wedding celebrations due to all we have gone through these passed few years. We are here to share some colors that we will find popping up in a lot of weddings this year. Let’s get started. 

Pantone Color Of the Year- Very Peri

We are starting off strong with this years Pantone color of the year, very Peri. This color is a purple hue that is all about confidence and curiosity. It is a color that inspires creativity as we navigate through these times. This color is elegant and will look amazing for any type of wedding. 

Dusty Blue 

Why not have your something blue be a part of your color palette. This color can be seen as more subtly but it is such an eye catcher. This color is perfect for those spring weddings and even winter days. 

Electric Pink 

Embrace all of the love that is associated with the color pink. This year we are going to make that love shine bright with a pink that is electrifying. This color will look amazing on your wedding shoes, wedding cake, and even center pieces. 

Citrus Orange

This color is for the couples that want something bold. This color works for which ever season you are planning on having you big day. From the crisp fall to the sunny summer. This color will look great in flowers even bridesmaid dresses. 

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