Wedding Cake Trends For 2022

We are starting off the year with talking about one delicious topic. That’s right, wedding cakes! This year we will see new looks for our sweet cakes. From size changes to different color palettes. There is something for every bridal style. These trends are great for inspiration that can be tailored to fit your wedding. Now let them eat cake. 

Bold Colors

Bring on the fun color palette for wedding cakes this year. We are letting go of the classic white and embracing something for unique and fresh. With weddings shifting from micro celebration to going all out couples are going to want bold on their big day. An epic wedding cake is a way to embrace that. The boldness of the cake can also be seen in the size of it. With more tears added. 

Black Cakes

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum we find black wedding cakes. This color also embraces the meaning of being bold in a different light. A black cake is sophisticated and pairs beautifully with the color gold. If you want something glam or even planning a New Years eve wedding then this is for you. 

Pet Portraits

Make your wedding cake personal with the help of your lovely pouch. If your pet can’t be there for your big day incorporate them in a unique way. Having your pets portrait on your wedding cake is unexpected and a special touch. 

Fresh Citrus

Outdoor weddings are popular as ever and couples are embracing the outdoors on their wedding cakes. Decorate with fresh citrus to embrace the season and the trees they grow from. They also add a great pop of color, perfect for summer and spring weddings. 

Separated Tears

Adding pillars supporting the next tear is a great way to add a bold look. This is a nod to the trend that was popular during the 1900s. You can choose to just leave the pillars exposed or have fun and add things like flowers. 

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