Where To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are great for modern day weddings. If you want to have your guests be part of your wonderful day by sharing their photos and videos it’s the way to go. It gives it totally unique perspective to your wedding day that can’t be achieved with your professional photographer. Now that you’ve decided to have a creative wedding hashtag you might be wondering where to show it off. We have a few ideas lined up for you. 

1. Website & save the dates

Get your guests hyped up for the big day as early as possible. It also gets them familiar with it and can even start using it for easy events such as bachelorette parties and welcome parties. Since wedding invitations are typically more formal save the dates and website is the way to go. 

2. Photo booth

If your planning on having a photo booth, which we recommend you totally do, display your wedding hashtag there. It can be in the backdrop or in the printed out picture frame. Even if you don’t have an actual photo booth having a photo op section will also work. 

3. Custom treats

There such talented bakers out there that make custom treats for weddings that make they day that much more personal. If your looking for a way to add that personal touch custom cookies with your wedding hashtag can be the way. The are both adorable and delicious. 

4.Cocktail Napkins

People love to share pictures of their drinks so why not have your hashtag in sight on cocktail napkins. It is a great time of the day where your guest look fresh and are excited to begin the reception portion of the day. 

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