Must Have Items For Your Wedding Emergency Kit

We all no there is no such thing as perfect and sometimes that can apply to your wedding day. No matter how much time you spend planning down to the last second, things can take a turn. There is no need to worry because having an emergency kit handy will help with any little slips that occur. We have put together a list of items that are sure to come in handy. 

Sewing Kit- You can’t go wrong with this one. Any little tears or missing buttons  can be fixed with just a few stitches. 

Stain Remover Pen- This can come in hand with food stains or even makeup smudges. A little pen over the stain and problem is fixed. Always great to have handy. 

Lint Roller- This will come in handy for the groom and wedding party. You want to look your cleanest and be lint free of course. 

Fashion Tape- You don’t a wardrobe malfunction on your big day and fashion tape will keep things in place. This is great if you have a low cut wedding dress. 

Blotting Papers- Keep your makeup looking fresh with blotting papers. These are great for the girls with oily skin. It is also great if your having a summer wedding. Keeps everything looking seamless. 

Bobby Pins- You can never have too many bobby pins. You or your bridesmaids might need one for your finishing hair touches. 

Lip balm- Keep your lips nice and moisturized for your lipstick. It will allow for your lipstick to glide on and of course make that first kiss more special. 

Deodorant- if you want to freshen up some deodorant will be great. It would be horrible to forget to put some one since your morning will be rushed. Make sure its an invisible kind. 

Pain Medicine- Don’t let a bad headache keep you from enjoying your special day. Having medicine handy is always a yes. 

Anti-Blister Balm- Maybe you didn’t have time to really break in your shoes or your groom didn’t. Having this on hand will be a life saver in the long run. 

Bandaids- These can come in handy if you happen to have any accidents. You just never know when your going to need one.

Baby Powder- This is great for absorbing moisture and even prevent chaffing. 

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