What To Rent & Reuse For An Eco Friendly Wedding

If your thinking of ways to have an amazing wedding day while also being environmentally conscious then we have some great tips for you. There are many things that can be rented, reused, and even donated to help lower waste and help keep the planet a little greener. In order to make these ideas come to life it is important to work with vendors that are also looking to be eco friendly. It is great to both have the same vision in order to really make an impact. 

Rent Bridal Flowers

Yes you read that correctly! You can most definitely rent your bridal flowers. Silk flowers are on the rise and look just as amazing as the real thing. You can use these for your own bridal bouquet and your bridesmaids as well. 

Rent Linens

Linens like table runners and even drapes for venue decor are a great thing to rent. Once you have used them for their decorative purpose there is no other reason to hold on to them. 

Reuse Furniture

Having little seating places for your wedding guests during happy hour is great for socializing. If your looking for the perfect pieces why not reuse some items you may have. This can also be in the form of antique pieces that have been donated. You are giving them a second life and they can add a unique touch to your look. 

Reuse Wedding Bouquet

If you are still thinking that real flowers are best for you, you can still use them in an eco friendly way. Take your bouquet and tun it into some keep sake decor. They can be transformed into ring holders and so much more. 

Donate Wedding Food

When choosing your vendors be sure to use those that recycle and compost their food. The left over food can be donated to local shelters. Your going to want to call ahead to make sure you meet the criteria for donations. If this is not possible send your guests home with to go boxes. 

Donate Wedding Dress

If you are not one to want to hold on to memorabilia you can can donate your wedding dress. Military and first responders are a great one to look into. Another bride is going to be beaming with joy and your dress gets to live on. 

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