5 Sweetheart Table Ideas You'll Love

 A sweetheart table is the perfect escape for the bride and groom during the reception. Everyone is going to of course want to congratulate the newlyweds and get pictures with you. The sweetheart table allows the you to take a moment for just you two to sit down and enjoy each other company. It allows you to take a look around and bask in your wedding. 

Having this special place well decorated is a fun and exciting thing you and your partner can collaborate on together. You're going to want to stick to any theme your wedding might be centered around. We've put together some fun elements to include. 


Spice up your table with a cute tapestry and floral arrangements. It can include parts of your vows to make it special. It can later be used at your home for decorations and beautiful memories of the unforgettable day. 

Love Seat 

Ditch the typical chairs for a love seat! Not only is this more comfortable it allow you and your partner to cozy up next to each other. A love seat like this adds a fun vintage feel to your wedding decor. 

Wedding Jackets

Add an easy but cute decoration to your chairs by simply draping over your wedding jackets. It looks casual but yet adds so much to the look.

Candle Lit

The perfect romantic look is captivating with a warm candle light. Decorating with candle adds the perfect romantic touch to your night.

Flower Wall 

You can never go wrong with beautiful flowers as your backdrop. Choose the colors that will coordinate with your wedding colors. It would be a great idea to add you and your partners initials in flowers like pictured here. 

The sweetheart table not only gives you time to spend with your partner it also looks amazing in photos. It is perfect to get you two reacting to toasts an just spending time together. Leave us a comment letting us know which is your favorite. 

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