Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

 Working with the right vendors makes your wedding run that much more smoothly. How exactly do you find the right ones for you? You interview them! Having important questions lined up for your vendors is the key to figuring out if they will be able to fulfill what your are looking for. We've put together some important questions to ask your photographer to get the right fit. 

Are they available to shoot your wedding?

Be sure to have your wedding date set so that you know when you will need them to be available. If you choose a popular wedding time it might be harder to find someone available so keep that in mind. You should give yourself more time to search for the right one in this case.

Will they be working with any assistants?

Depending on the size of your wedding the photographer might have an assistant with them. If they do have an assistant it would be great to have them present during the interview so that you also get to know them and their style of work. This may also affect the pricing for the session so this is a very important questions. 

How long have they been photographing and how many weddings have they done?

It's always great to ask the experience of the vendors you are going to work with. If your photographer doesn't solely shoot weddings ask how many they have photographed. As you know practice makes perfect so someone with more experience may perform better then some one just starting out. 

How many hours are included in the packages and how much do extra hours cost?

For your interview you are going to need to know how long you will need your photographer so you can determine the cost of having them. Be sure to ask for any package deals, certain hours may have a fixed cost. So if you need them for more time you may need to pay for an extra fee. 

Do they charge a travel fee?

Apart from the hours worked on shooting the photographer might charge a travel fee depending on the distance needed to travel. Be sure to ask this so you will get a clear price point. 

What is the refund/cancellation policy?

During this time especially this is a very important question. During these uncertain times you need to be prepared with a back up plan. If for some reason you would need to move or cancel your wedding you would also need to cancel your vendors. Depending on the answer you can decide if you wish you move forward with the photographer. 

Do they offer retouching or other corrective services?

Sometime the photo needs a bit of correction maybe the lighting is a little off but its still a great shot. It is important to know if your photographer is going to do any retouching and if they do if it will be an addition charge. 

Will they be sharing the images online or with magazines?

Not everyone wants their pictures online or showcased and that is totally okay. Talk to your photographer to let them know you wish to not have them posted. 

How long after the wedding will you receive the photos?

The anticipation for the wedding photos is exciting and so knowing when they will be available is important. You can also ask how they will be delivered. You may have to stop buy to pick them up. 

Being prepared with questions for your photographer is key to making the best choice for you. You may see the images online from their website but nothing beats sitting down and talking about their work styles. We hope this information will help you find your perfect photographer.

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