Engagement Photo Locations You Should Consider

 Engagement photos should be a fun experience and perfect for you to get comfortable with your photographer. These photos will be great to look back on. Location plays a big part of the overall feel and look of the photos. Today we are here to share some ideas that can be great inspiration.

Where You First Met 

This location is such a magical place to use for your engagement photos. It is great to create even better memories in this location with your new engagement. 

Pop Some Champagne 

It's time to celebrate! Bring out the bubbly and show off that new ring. A champagne shower is going to look great in your engagement photos and afterwards have a glass to finish the photo session. 

A Love Written In The Stars

Night engagement shoots aren't as common but that's what makes them more special. The night sky dessert stars are sure to look incredible and a great way to see your photographers night capturing skills for the big day. 

Getting The Pups Involved 

This great time is perfect for getting your bet involved. They have been there to watch you relationship grow and it is a great element of fun to add to the photos. 

Sunset Wonders

It is true that golden hour is one of the greatest times to shoot. The warm light gives a cozy and radiant look to photos. Give your partner a good twirl as the sun sets behind you both. 

Let us know what you think of these ideas or where you plan on having your beautiful photos taken!


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