What Is A Mini Moon & Where Should You Have Yours?

During the current times we are living it is hard or even impossible to imagine having your dream honey moon escape. With travel restrictions and just being safe your honeymoon might start to look different. Although times may be different it doesn't mean you can't have time to celebrate your new chapter. That is why we suggest a mini moon. 

What is a mini moon?

A mini moon is just what is sounds like, a mini honey moon. It is a small get away you can plan before your actual honey money. This is the perfect thing to do during this time because it allows you to still have your honey moon down the road. It is less expensive then a traditional honey moon because it is more low key. 

What are some places to have a mini moon?

Due to traveling restrictions you may want to look at staycations and maybe places available near you that are a car ride away. We have put together some ideas you can check out and decide which is the best fit.

Lets get started!

The Getaway House

Yes the name describes it perfectly. The get away house is the perfect little nook in the woods that lets you escape the hustle an bustle of everyday life. This small but cozy cabin features beautiful woods of greenery around you and everything you need to have a comfortable stay. Prepare to put your phone away because there you most likely wont have service. With locations in: Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Portland and other there is sure to be one near you!

Beach House Retreat

Nothing says vacation like the beach! Renting and Airbnb beach house is the perfect way to relax with the sounds of the ocean waves. Some houses have private beach areas which mean it is safe as ever to chill on the sand and get some sun time. Search for a location near you to find the perfect place. 

Dessert Star Gazing 

If you love nature and are the adventurous spirit we say Joshua Tree is the place to be. You can try camping there if you want to go for more of an adventure but there are also houses to rent for a weekend get away. Relax by a campfire and the stars shining above you. It is the perfect wilderness get away. There also hiking trails that will be a great work out. 


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