What To Expect During Your Wedding Dress Shopping Right Now

Being a newly engaged couple during this time can seem overwhelming and uncertain but we are here to help shed some light. Now a days wedding dress shopping is going to look quite different then what it used to be. We put together some information on what you might expect when looking for your dream dress right now. It is important to keep in mind that every store is different but they are all there to keep you safe and for you to still enjoy this special time. 

Give The Boutique A Call

Every store and state has different guidelines and regulations to abide so be sure to give them a call before hand to ask what restrictions that have implemented. Ask if their is an appointment required to just look around. This is important because a lot of store are limiting the amount of people that are allowed inside a store. If you aren't there to try on dresses and just look around they need to know. Store hours might also be changed during this time so be sure to ask about this as well. 

Limited Guests 

When trying on wedding dresses you would of course want all your close friends and family to be there to help you find your special dress. Unfortunately during this time it won't be that way. Store are limiting the amount of people you can bring with you during your bridal appointment from 1 to 2 quests per bride.


Before attending your bridal appointment the store might ask you to fill out a waiver or a questionare to see if you have any symptoms or have been sick recently. Be sure to avoid visiting the store if you aren't feeling well. This will not only protect you but others around you. 

Sanitizing In Between Appointments

The amount of appointments might be limited per day so be aware you might not get an appointment the say day you call to make one. Store will clean in between sessions so it will limit the amount of appointments. Bridal stores may also be sanitizing the dresses so you are safe to try them on.

Masks During Appointment 

Face masks are often required to wear in certain social settings where social distancing is hard to do.  Face masks protect those around you. Although it may be hard to imagine the complete look with your dress and the mask there will be alone time in the changing room where you may be able to not have it on. 

Temperature Check Before Entering 

Some stores are taking extra precaution and checking temperatures before you enter the store.

Although times are different right now bridal stores are still here to help you have a wonderful experience while doing what they can to keep you safe. Be sure to contact the store you are planning on visiting before hand. 


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