Avoid These Common Bridal Mistakes

 During wedding planning there is a lot to take into consideration and your mind may be thinking a million miles per minute. It's easy to over look somethings but we are here to help you keep everything under control and help you avoid some common mistakes. 

Limiting Your Wedding Dress Options

You might have already envisioned your dream dress even before being engaged but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try out other options. It's important to have wide range of dresses to try before making your finale choice. You never know that dress that you try on a whim might just be the one. It's good to have an idea of what you want but also be sure to listen to option your bridal consultant may recommend.  

Making Enough Time For Hair & Makeup

The morning of your wedding day is fun but can get a little hectic. It's good to have a schedule planned out for your glam process and allow your self some extra time. This process should be a fun time to get ready with your bride tribe and shouldn't feel rushed.  

Considering Your Wedding Guests

For those guests traveling for your wedding make sure you check in on them and make there travels that much more comfortable. Have information for them on how to travel from the hotel to the venue. It would also be great to leave a little goodie bag in their hotel room with snack and water. 

Deciding On A Wedding Planner

Perhaps you have decided to plan the wedding yourself but the most stressful part of wedding plan can be the final 2 weeks before the wedding. During this time you can hire a wedding planner for the time being. They will help piece everything together for and you can relax a bit more before the big day. It's more then okay to need help.

Wedding Diet

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their special day but you also need to remember to keep your body happy an healthy. Avoid crash dieting for your wedding and just make simple switches to your diet and get your body moving. Swap out the chips and opt for some crunchy veggies. And of course don't think that because your eating healthier you can't indulge in some treat. Listen to your body and focus on feeling the best version of you. 

Sending Thank You Notes

It is important to not send out the thank you notes too late. Getting it done early is not only courteous but also better for your schedule. For gifts that were give at engagement party or bridal shower send the notes in 3 weeks time after the event. For gifts send before the wedding send notes as soon as possible. For gifts given at the wedding send notes within 3 months. 

Remember that no one is perfect and you can still over look things but we hope these tips will help you along the way. 


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