Affordable Winter Wedding Ideas Guests Will Love

 It is officially the first day of winter and we are so excited. Winter weddings are well on their way. To celebrate today we bring you some affordable ideas to include in your winter wedding. These ideas are not only going to help you stay in budget but will also look amazing for your special day. You and your guests are going to love them. Let's take a look. 

Greenery Table Draping 

The perfect and simple way to dress up your dinning tables during the winter season is with beautiful greenery. Keeping it to a minimal look with added candles can create that cozy winter look will not spending too much. 

Mulled Wine For Guests

Having to craft every drink from scratch can really weigh in on your budget. It is more economically smart to use batch made drinks and punches. The perfect way to do this with your drinks is with a delicious mulled wine. It is the perfect combination of warmth and embraces the holiday season. Great for your happy hour. 

Take Advantage of Holiday Decor

If your big day is around the holidays there may be a chance your venue is decorated as such. It's always great to ask if you can use some of them for your wedding. This is great for those that love Holiday decor. 

All White Palette

An all white wedding color palette never goes out of style. Which means you will be able to find a lot of decor for your wedding at a reasonable price. Pair it with silver accents for a minimal and clean winer look. Also a great way to tie in the winter snow look. 

Naturally Accented Wedding Cake 

Sugar flower decorations can add up when it comes to embellishing your wedding cake. For something budget friendly think of adding natural elements like pinecones and evergreen tree branches. Not only is it perfect for the winter season but is sure to look amazing. 


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