Cakes That Are Winter Wedding Ready

Wedding cakes play such a big part of your wedding day. There are so many unique ideas and designs to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your big day. We are here to bring you the best ideas. From frosty whites to textured beauties, we have it all. 


If you are planning a winter wedding up in the snowy mountains you can add cute pinecones to your cake. A white cake with flocked pinecones make is simple yet right on theme. 

Skip The Cake

If you are looking for something unique and fun why not ditch the cake? Bring out the holiday spirit of winter with a gingerbread house. You can recreate your wedding venue or a play that is special to you and your partner. 


You want to bring in tie in that cozy feeling on a cold winter day? You can add a cable knit texture look on a simple teared cake. To add even more of a pop you can make another tear with a naked look. 

Frosted Berries

Add a splash of color with delicious berries. Bright reds and dark blues will look fantastic. If you sprinkle powder sugar for a snow looking affect. 

Oh So Golden

Metallics are great for winter time. It ties in the glam side of the holidays and it looks amazing on a white wedding cake. You can choose to go all out with it or just do subtle hints. 

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