Common Over Spending On Weddings To Avoid

 It is easier than you expect to overspend when it comes to your wedding day. There are so many elements that it can be hard to keep track of especially if you let your eye wonder. It is your big day so of course you want to have a wedding you always dreamed of. But you do have to remember that you have a budget to stick to. Today we will be helping you navigate through this hectic wedding spending so that you can stick to your budget. 

The Guest List

This is one of the important items when it comes to wedding planning. How many people will be at your wedding? It can be tricky because you don't want people to feel left out of the fun. But you do have to be realistic. Your guest count contributes to how big of venue you need, how much food and drinks. So it is very important to sit down and think of who will make it. People on your guest list should be those close to you and your partner. Forget about the distant cousin you met once. I'm sure they will understand. 

Fun Touches

There are many fun entertainment that helps set your wedding apart and show your guests a good time. But it's easy to get carried away with this. From photo booths to ice cream bars if you go all out so will your budget. Think about one thing that will not only be fun for your guests but can also be enjoyed by you.  Something that really means a lot to you and your partner. Stick to one main item that will add a pop to your wedding. With just one activity it won't have to be overshadowed by other things. 


Having cute invitations and save the dates is defiantly something every couples wants but it can make an unnecessary dent in your budget. Most guests will toss invitations once the celebration has passed. Same things goes with save the dates. So it may be tempting to go all out with beautiful stationary but you might want to keep things simple. You can also think of going paperless with an online RSVP and additional information. 

Packaged Deals

Some venues offer packaged deals that include food, drinks, and other amenities that come with booking their venue. Although this sounds amazing and like your getting a deal, they can sometimes be more expensive then choosing your own vendors. Be sure to do your research before committing to these deals.  

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