Must See Wedding Trends for 2022

 We are ringing in the new year with new styles and trends coming your way. If you are planning on having a wedding in the year 2022 you might want to consider these ideas. There is something for everyone no matter what style and taste. Let's take a look at what's to come and cheers to amazing new year. 

Out With The Old 

Traditions change and we adapt new ones. These past few years we have seen couples ditch some of the tradition things that comes with wedding like garter toss. We can see this continue into the new year. So we can say good bye to the bouquet and garter toss. They can be replaced with new traditions like surprise dances. 

Electronic Invites

Not only is this eco-friendly but it is also easier to do. Ditch the paper RSVP and wedding invitations. Websites like Zola make it easy for couples to keep track of guests who are attending and give them all of the information they may need. It is a one stop shop that also saves you money in the long run. 

Supporting Local Business

Couples are turning towards local businesses to help with their weddings. Vendors that represents couples communities make the wedding that much more special. Not only for the couples but is also a great way to give back. It is definitely a win win situation. 

Bridal Separates

When it comes to wedding dresses we can expect to see dresses that transform. Two piece weddings dresses are great for going from ceremony to reception with just one easy step. If you were planning on having two separate looks now you can at a lower cost. 


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