Wedding Trends To Look Out For In 2022

 New trends are on the way for this up coming year. We saw many changes when it came to weddings in 2020 and 2021. From having small intimate ceremonies to wedding dresses that embraced all things bold. So we are very excited to share with you all what this new year has in store. Let's see what you can expect in the year 2022 when it comes to weddings. 

New Florals

We are going to be stepping away from the enchanted garden look of flowers for the year 2022. Florals will take a monochromatic look for the new year. There is an elegant look to a monochrome look. You can also expect to see them stand out with different vessels for texture. It makes the look more exciting and gives it a pop. You can also expect to see less focus on lots and lots of florals and instead on bigger sized flowers. 

Bring Back The 70s

We have seen a draw back to the 70s when it comes to all things fashion and we can expect to see it in up coming weddings. Disco themed after parties and pressed flowers are some of the popular things that will popping up. Other things like ribbed textures when it comes to decor and even groom fashion. It adds that fun texture and cozy feel perfect for winter weddings. 

Bold Colors

The new year is about to get a lot more colorful when it comes to wedding color schemes. Neutrals have been all the rage the recent years and it's time to try something more bold. Weddings are going all out after restrictions have eased up so it's time to be bold even with color schemes. 

Celestial Theme

More people are looking up to the stars to inspire their big day. From decor to your wedding dress. There are many ways to incorporate this theme. It is great for brides that want a darker color palette with splashes of sparkle. 

Weekday Weddings

We often expect to go to a wedding on a weekend but the new year brings new possibilities. We will see more and more couples choosing to have their wedding day on a weekday. This is great because it can mean a cheaper price for vendor and more open availability. 

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