Unique Ways To Use Blankets For Your Winter Wedding

There’s nothing more a guest will be thankful for than a blanket on for a winter wedding. This is especially true if you are planning on having an outdoor wedding. You have probably been trying to think of ways to keep your guests warm and cozy. We are here to tell you that you can never go wrong with a good blanket. They can also serve as wedding favors and even decor. 

We have put together some ideas to display your blankets for your special day. 

Seasons Greetings

What better way to say welcome, this way thank a soft and warm blanket. You can display your blanket with your welcome sign that let’s them know they are at the right location. It is a great way to be beautiful and practical. 

Mixing It Up

Who says that you have to stick to one type of blanket for everyone. When it comes down to it some people get colder then others. You can choose different textures and colors for your guests. This is great if you are have an eclectic theme for your wedding. It gives a laid back vibe. 

Get Personal

If you want to have your blankets for wedding favors we suggest personalizing them. You can have embroidery on them with your guests initials or even your wedding date for a great reminder. 

Cozy Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is the time to mingle and get to know each other. Create a cozy and inviting environment with lounging areas that include…you guessed it, blankets! Pair that with a warm cider and you have the perfect winter wedding day. 

Unexpected Seating Display

Let your guests know where they are going to be seated with this unique seating chart. Beautiful scripture on a blanket and you have yourself a fun and new seating chart. 

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