New Years Wedding Ideas Part. 2

 Welcome to the best ideas for your New Years eve wedding. The new year is nearly here what better time to talk about having a New Years Eve wedding. If you missed the first part to this wonderful inspiration you can find it here. Once you have been all caught up be sure to come back for more ideas. Let's get started. 

Wedding Dress

Bring out the glamour and shine that comes with a fresh start. It is the perfect idea to bring into your bridal look. Look for thinks like delicate beading and glitter details. This is going to make your look pop in person and photos of course. 

Go Big With Accessories 

New Years Eve is the best time to go all out with the sparkle and your bridal look. There is no such thing as too much bling so try out statement hair accessories. You can go for a crown or a statement barrette.  

New Year Photo Drop

Make your photos pop with the help of signs that embrace the up coming year. Having a place for your guests to take photos with the new year is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It is also a great way to remember such a beautiful day. 


Popping Guest Book

Take your guest book to another level with some bubbly. Have your guests signs champagne bottles to celebrate the new adventure. It is great nod to the midnight champagne toast and you can even open them on your anniversary. 


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