New Years Wedding Ideas

 What better way to start the new year than tying the know with your one true love? New Years eve weddings are the best way to start the begging of your new chapter and year. There is so much fun and thoughtful ideas that come to mind when planning a New Years eve wedding. The glam and elegance are over the roof. We are here today to bring you some wonderful ideas for your New Years eve wedding. 

Disco Decor

The ball drop is one of the most iconic things about New Years so why not bring it to your wedding. Disco ball decor is great for that fun sparkling feeling. Hang them on your reception dance floor. But why stop at one when you can mix and match them. They are sure to light up the entire room. 

Champagne Welcome

Its always tradition to pop some bubbly for the new year of and course on your big day. Welcome you guests with a wall of champagne to get the party started the right way. 

Party Horn Favors

Make some noise for the new year and newlyweds with the help of party horns. They can make the perfect escort card and wedding favor for guests. 

Late Night Must Haves

You have to keep the party going at least till midnight right? Help keep your guests filed and ready to dance with some late night snacks. Think easy finger foods like some pizza or mini sliders. 

Balloon Drop

When the clock strikes midnight why not go all out with a balloon drop. It is an easy way to get everyone excited for the new year. The photos are also sure to look amazing. 

Firework Exit

Sum up the night with a Big Bang. Having a firework show for your grand exit is such an iconic moment. Your guests will love it and it is the best way to end such a wonderful beginning. 

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