Casual Wedding Ideas

Your wedding doesn't have to be a black tie formal event. It's important to stay true to yourself and your personality for your big day. If you're looking for a way to really make your wedding reflect you and your partner why not try something more casual. We have some great ideas that will give you that relaxed vibe that lets you enjoy your big day without any added pressure. Let's get started. 

Dress Code

Let's start with something that will definitely make a big difference, the dress code. It can always be something guests stress over wondering if they fit the appropriate dress code. Why not make it casual? This allows yours guests to dress comfortable and enjoy the wedding instead of focusing on their outfit. For men think about polo shirts instead of button downs and there is no need for a sport coat. Ladies you can wear a relaxed jumper or even a two piece set for something more trendy. 

Wedding Venues

Set the relaxed mood by choosing a wedding venue that embraces that vibe. If you want something small and intimate why not try a backyard wedding. This is a great option that will also save you some money. You can also try your favorite brewery. It gives that personal touch while still embracing a more laid back style. 

Bridal Shoes

Ditch the high heels and go for something more comfortable like tennis shoes. Customize your favorite pair and even match with your partner for that extra special touch. Your feet will thank you for a comfortable pair of shoes. 

Wedding Cake 

Keep it nice and simple with a one tier cake. Sometime it seems like a big wedding cake can go to waste so having a smaller one makes sure that doesn't happen. If you feel like cake just isn't your thing why not go with something different. Donuts are always a crows pleaser. Choose something that it perfect for you. 

Wedding Food

If you don't know what to serve for your big day why not try food trucks. Food trucks are a fun and alternative way to the formal wedding dinner. Your guests will love this different approach and it's always fun to take pictures with them. 

The Bar

There is no need for a bar or bartender when your drinks are self serve. Display your beer and other drinks in a barrel with ice so that guests can grab drinks when ever they please. You can also add mixed cocktails into self serve jars. This is also a great way to save money. 


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