Uninvited Guests? Here Is How To Deal With Them

 When it comes to weddings it's always a great idea to expect the unexpected. This is true when it comes to the number of guests attending. There are different types of uninvited guests. It can be those that bring a plus one despite the rules or they might bring them on accident. You can also get those rare party crashers. So how can you be ready for those uninvited guests? Keep on reading to find out. 

Have Extras

Be prepared for this scenario by having a little lee way with the amount of guests you will have. It's great to have a couples extra chairs and other seating that guests can use. Don't feel stressed for the unaccounted guests. You can only try your best to make sure they are comfortable on such short notice. 

Make The Invitations Clear

In order to avoid uninvited guests make your invitations clear that they are not allowed to bring a plus one. You can go into details on why you aren't allowing plus one's on your wedding website. If you are allowing plus one's make sure they are RSVP'd so that it isn't just an open invitation for friends to come along.

Double Check RSVP

Make sure you check the RSVP to make sure no extra names are written down. If you suspect they might still bring an extra guests don't be afraid to reach out to them to make sure. 


If you are planning on having a larger event we suggest not making your wedding public. This can avoid wedding crashers. Even if it's just a bridesmaid or groomsman standing in the entrance checking invitations, it's something to consider. 

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