How To Achieve A Princess Bridal Look

 You deserve to look and feel like royalty on your big day. If you have always dreamed of that fairytale wedding then you probably have your princess bridal look in mind. If you are still not sure on what you would like for your bridal look, there is no need to worry because we are always here to help. Here are some ideas that will bring your princess look to life. 

The Dress

When we think of a princess wedding dress we think about something that makes a statement. So we would suggest going for a ball gown or A-line silhouette. These silhouette pack a wow factor that will leave everyone mesmerized. An off the shoulder neckline or even a sweet heart neckline add that classic feel to the gown. If you are expecting colder temperatures for your big day, you can't go wrong with a long sleeve. And of course you don't want to forget those extra details like lace or beading for that regal feel. 


Every princess needs her crown. The perfect accessory for your bridal look would be a tiara. This accessory is beautiful and look great paired with a vail if you are planning on wearing one. If not it makes a statement on its own. If you feel like a tiara just isn't your cup of tea try going with a head band with some bling. It gives a similar look but with a twist. 


If you want to show off your beautiful tiara we suggest an up do hairstyle. It lets the tiara shine and brings focus to your stunning face. If you want to wear your hair down we suggest a half up half down style to still have a similar look. You can add romantic curls for that extra pop. 

Bridal Shoes

Perhaps a glass slipper is too much to ask for but you can still get a similar look. Go for a heel that has all the bling for a glass inspired look. You can also try a clear shoe for that same affect. Either way you are going to want something that you are comfortable walking in. So don't forget to break them in before the big day. 

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