How To Use Velvet For Your Fall Wedding

 Velvet was seen as a luxury and something only royalty would use but now we see it embraced by many. Although it isn't uncommon to have velvet it still has that same luxe association. This fabric is perfect for the colder months which makes it the perfect touch to a fall wedding. So if you're looking to give your wedding that regal touch velvet would be the best way to do so. Let's take a look at some ways to incorporate it. 


One of the most common ways we see velvet used is for the bridesmaids dresses. They always look amazing and there are so many colors to choose from. If you aren't into a full velvet dress you can use it to accessorize. Velvet shawls will look great and work perfectly for a cool crisp day. 

Wedding Decor

Dress up your tables and chairs with some velvet. The velvet fabric bring an extra touch to your tables if you use a table cloth. You can also choose velvet sofa chairs for your guests to sit in during cocktail hour. 

Groom Outfit

If you're looking for a way to jazz up any old tuxedo or suit why not go for a velvet one. A velvet blazer will make the groom look ready for the fall. There are stunning colors like emerald green and a beautiful maroon. If a full velvet blazer seems like a bit too much you can always go for a velvet bow tie. 


Set the mood for a fall wedding with something they will see first. That is right, the invitations. Velvet ribbons give that extra touch to your wedding invites. A great way to start off. 

Wedding Shoes

Velvet accessories are a more subtle way to add them into the bridal look. Velvet shoes are a fun and unique touch. A pop of color with blue is perfect for the fall vibe. 

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