How To Use Succulents In Your Wedding

Succulents are trendy and a unique touch to any wedding. It's always fun seeing plants other than flower used to decorate weddings. Succulents are versatile and low maintenance which make it a great choice for your wedding. If you are thinking of using these fun little plants for your wedding but not sure how to incorporate them, take a look at these ideas. 

Wedding Cake Decor
Take an ordinary white wedding cake and spice it up with some succulent decor. You can choose to use real succulents or recreate them with frosting. Either way they will look amazing. It gives a unique look to a cake you would probably see flowers on. 

Give your tables that dessert feel with some beautiful succulents. If you want a more simple look you can use keep them in pots and have them line the table. You can also pair them with moss for more greenery. If you still want flower decor you can pair them together for a stunning look. 

Bridal Bouquet 

Switch out your wedding flowers for beautiful succulents. They give such a unique look to a bridal bouquet. It is unexpected but still look amazing. You can still get pops of color with different succulents.

Alter Decor
 Decorate your alter with some pops of succulents. They add the perfect touch of greenery to colorful florals. You can also choose to do a wall full of succulents with a neon sign for a modern look. 

Wedding Favors
If you are looking for wedding favors your guests will love try succulents. It is a great decoration to use around their house and they can alway think of that special day when they look at it. 

Let us know which idea was your favorite!


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