What To Include In Your Wedding Day Timeline

 No matter how big or small, formal or casual your wedding day will be it's always great to have a timeline ready for it. Timing can sometimes make or break your wedding day. This includes things for your wedding vendors and guests. Some vendors need to set up first in order for others to follow. Having a timeline also gives your wedding party and guests a more fluid feel to your wedding. So things don't catch them off guard.  So let's take a look as some things that you should include in your timeline. 

Schedule Around Hours Of Service

This is a big thing to keep in mind when planning out your wedding day. Take a look at the time your vendors are available. If your photographer is only there for 5 hours you have to get the photos you want within that time frame. Same goes for your glam team. You have to make sure they are available for the time you plan on getting these things done. 

Make Time For Things That Matter

Talk to your partner about things that are important to you both. That can include getting lot's of wedding photos with just you two or heaving that extra time for getting ready. These are the things that you want to carve out more time for and thus you must take that into account when making your timeline. 

Have Some Alone Time

Your wedding day will move pretty fast so make sure you take a moment to take it all in. Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes alone with you and your partner is the perfect time to soak in the big day. It might be the only time you get alone. It's a special moment to share and reflect on how you're both feeling and will make your day that much greater. 

Travel Time

You don't want to forget about extra travel time. This is so crucial when you're switching venues to go from ceremony to reception. Think about how heavy traffic is around that time. What kind of vehicle your guests will be traveling in. These are all going to affect how long it will take to get from one place to another. 

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