How To Lower Costs For Your Bridesmaids

 Being a bridesmaid is such a fun experience but it can also come with a hefty price tag. The dress, shoes, and accessories start to add up. So you should always try to minimize costs for them. Take a look as some of theses tips. Let us know which one you would use. 

Picking Their Own Dresses 

When it comes to the bridesmaid dress, let them choose their own. It's okay to be specific about what you want it too look like but allowing them to choose their own can help with their budget. It will also let them choose a dress that they feel comfortable in. Making the bridesmaid experience even better. 

Gift Accessories

If you were planning on giving thank you gifts to your bridesmaids why not gift them some of the accessories you want them to wear. To save them some money it's great to gift them earrings or necklace to complete their look. This also allows you to have some control over their overall look. 

Choose Items To Rewear

When it comes to things like shoes and other accessories going with items they can rewear is a great idea. They will get many wears out of closet staples like a nude classic heel. That is a great way to get more bang for your buck.

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