4 Outdoor Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

 Outdoor weddings are magical and always a favorite amongst couples. There are a few elements that are different when it comes to hosting an indoor and outdoor wedding. The weather is a big one, bugs, and even lighting. We are here to help you have the best outdoor wedding so here are somethings to try and avoid. 

Don't Forget Bugs Exist

Although the outdoors can bring stunning views and fresh air it can also come with many bugs. Mosquitos are the main ones to look out for. You might always want to think about ants that can get into your food as well as flys. These are all things you can easily fix to have the perfect wedding. Consider having your venue sprayed for bugs. You can also hand out bug spray for each of your guests. 

Not Being Heard

A big vast space can make it hard for your voice to be heard. The sound doesn't have the walls to help it echo like in an indoor space. So make sure your guests are seated close by during your ceremony so they can hear your beautiful vows. When in doubt use microphones to amplify your voice. 

Sun In Your Eyes

A sunny summer wedding is stunning but there is such thing as too much sun. Depending on the time of the day and location when you tie the know the sun can be right in your guests eyes. Make sure they are able to see the wonderful ceremony by handing out sunglasses or even umbrellas. 

Not Thinking About The Temperature

One of the big things to think about when hosting an outdoor wedding is the temperature. It isn't as easily controlled as being indoors. If you are having a winter ceremony make sure you have blankets handy for those extra chilly guests. If you're having a summer wedding have fans and shaded areas for your guests to cool down in. 

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