Tips On Wearing A Nontraditional Wedding Dress Color

 Your wedding dress is a great expression of your personal style on your big day. If you don't see a white wedding dress meeting what you always envisioned we say try something new. Choosing a colorful wedding gown is such a unique look and is sure to be unforgettable. In this modern age its empowering choosing a different color wedding dress so we have some tips to help you rock this new look. 

Don't Let Others Change You

When it comes to weddings you are always going to hear opinions of others. If people are trying to convince you to go with a traditional wedding dress color don't let them sway you. It's your big day and you should be comfortable in what you're wearing. 

Ask About Custom Colors

If you love a wedding dress just wish it was a different color be sure to ask your bridal store if its available for a custom color. Some designers may offer non traditional colors as part of their collection while others just do it as a custom job. Make sure you get samples of other custom colors they have created to make sure it's going to come out perfect. Some material doesn't hold dye the same as others so certain colors can be tricky to achieve.

It Doesn't Have To Be A Solid Color

If you still want to have that white main color to your dress you can add just a few pops of color. This can be done with flower motifs. This would be amazing for a spring and summer wedding. 

Match Your Bridal Bouquet

A fun look to try with a colorful wedding dress is to match it with your bridal bouquet. It forms a monochromatic look that is going to look stunning. 

Get Inspired By The Season

If you are unsure what color would be best for your wedding dress take inspiration by the season you're having your wedding in. For spring try pastels, it's a subtle pop of color that adds a lot of charm. If you are having a winter wedding why not try a dark green inspired by the holiday season or even gold. 

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