How To Style A Black Wedding Dress

 The fall season is upon us and halloween is around the corner. It's time to embrace the darker colors that come with the season. If you have ever considered rocking anything other than a white wedding dress we recommend trying on a black wedding dress. This is the perfect color for brides who aren't afraid to make a bold statement. It is a classic and elegant color just like a white wedding gown. We have some black wedding dress ideas just for you. Let's get started. 

Black Can Be Romantic

If you are a bride who loves a romantic look we say look for lace details for your black wedding dress. Black lace is just as romantic as traditional ivory lace. It also adds that gothic romance look which is perfect for this season. 

Going Sleek

You can't go wrong with a simple and sleek black wedding dress. A simple black dress is so iconic that it is seen as a staple in any women's closet. It is a chic and timeless look that is going to look amazing in years to come. You can try a silk slip dress for that 90s style. 

Black Accents

If an all black wedding dress seems a little too bold for you add black accents to your wedding dress. Some lace can be black while the rest of the dress is white. You can also add black bows which a big trend this year. A black veil would also be the perfect addition. 

Complete The Bridal Look

If you are already going bold with your wedding dress you can also go bold with your makeup. Adding a bold lipstick is a great way to compliment a black wedding dress. You can choose darks red and purples. You can even go with a black lipstick if you are not afraid to try something new. 

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