What To Eliminate From Your Wedding To Make It More Eco friendly

 A wedding can cause a lot of waste but there are easy ways to modify it to make it more eco-friendly. Plastic is a big one to look out for because it does have such a big impact overall. That's why reducing plastic on your wedding day is a great way to help transform it into a more eco-friendly setting. Here are somethings you can skip on your big day that will make a big difference. 

Disposable Dinnerware

It's easy to use plastic plates and silverware not only for your wedding but other wedding events such as bachelorette parties. Instead you can rent out glass items or high end plastic that you are able to reuse. It can be more expensive so make sure you budget for that. 


It's best to skip big balloon arrangements that have been trending in recent years. You can instead use recycled paper for decor. Paper lanterns can offer that same pop of color and look that balloons would deliver. 

The Exit

Make sure your final exit is made eco-friendly by avoiding any plastic materials being used. You can use things like bird seeds or dried flowers that will be able to degrade naturally. 

Plastic Straws

In some places you won't find single use plastic straws but incase they are still allowed it's an easy swap for paper straws. You can also use metal or even silicone straws so that you are able to reuse them.

Water Bottles

Having your guests hydrated is important especially if you are having a summer wedding. Instead of offering water bottles  set up a water pitcher that they can serve themselves from. Make sure to include cute glasses to make it more fun. 

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