Wedding Photo & Video Ideas To Try

 When looking back at your wedding all you have are the wonderful memories and of course photos. Theres nothing like a great photo or a video to take you back to your wedding day. That's why choosing the right person is so important. Along with that knowing what you want to capture is also just as important. What style do you want to your photos and videos? Before the big day you should be asking yourself this question. If you aren't quite sure what you want your style to be we have some great ideas for you. Check these out. 

Night time portraits

Sometimes it can seem like a race with the sun to get all of the photos taken but night time photos can be just as magical. They have a much more unique touch since a lot of couples don't go for this option. You can have an amazing night sky behind you or for a more editorial look with heavy flash contrast. Just make sure your photographer has experience with shooting at night so you can get those amazing photos. 


More and more couples are wanting film photos to go along side their digital wedding photos. It gives that retro feel and look couples love. If that sounds like something you would love we say go for it! Just be sure to communicate with your photographer to make sure they can do it. 

Letting Traditional Go

If you really want to capture the essence of your wedding day then candid photos are the way to go. Couples are choosing to do less of the traditional photos and go for the ones that really let their personality shine through. 

Live Streaming Weddings

The pandemic brought a rise in live streaming weddings so that everyone could be there and be safe. We can expect for this trend to continue in a more hybrid style. This even works great for those family members that can't travel. They can still be a part of the big day.

Social Media Influence

With Tik Tok being so popular now we see a rise in using dances and other trends in weddings. From brides doing transitions in their dresses to the whole wedding party learning a dance routine. These are all fun elements to incorporate in your wedding to not make the day too serious. 

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