How To Have A Cohesive Bridal Look

 Your wedding dress is an important part in your bridal look but it isn't the only things to think about. If you want your overall bridal look to cohesive and put together you should think about your other accessories and even makeup. When putting together your look think about your style, your venue, and your aesthetic. Here are some tips to help put it all together. 

Think About Practicality

In oder to get your bridal look cohesive with your venue think about the setting. If you are having an outdoor wedding you would want a chunky heel and not a stiletto. If you are in a smaller space you might want to try a cathedral length veil. These will all look amazing because it goes well in the setting there are in. 

The Right Jewelry 

When looking for the right jewelry look towards your wedding dress. If you have a high neckline we advise to skip the necklaces and go for statement earrings instead. If your wedding dress has beautiful embellishments you should highlight them by going light on the jewelry. 

The Gown

As mentioned, your wedding gown is one of the main pieces of your bridal look. So shop for this piece first and then cater your accessories around it. When choosing your wedding gown think about the season, your venue, and your theme. You of course want to think about what you feel comfortable in. Just because the gown would be perfect for a princess look doesn't mean it's the right one if you don't feel good in it. 

Inspiration From Your Partner

If you want a cohesive look with your partner think about what they are going to be rocking. You can try having matching shoes that you both switch into. You can also go for the same metal for your jewelry. These small details are going to pull the looks together. 

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